How it Works:

You select from contribution options that will then be automatically transferred from your checking/savings account or credit union draft account and electronically deposited into the Parish’s checking account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Each offering will be noted on your bank statement.

You will save on the cost of checks and possibly bank service fees. The Parish reaps the financial security of a regular collection/donation that it knows will be made on a timely, consistent basis.

You no longer have to write checks and fill out offering envelopes. Once you complete the ACH Form, our accounting staff will inform your bank or credit union and arrange for the automatic transfer of your collection offering from there to the Parish checking account. It does not matter where you bank, the automatic deposit of your offering can be set up with any financial institution located in the U.S.

How to Set it Up:
Complete, print, and sign the following authorization form, then drop it off in the collection basket, bring to the Administrative Office located off the Narthex or mail it back to the Parish along with a voided check.  For your own security, do not email or fax.

ACH Form – Fillable PDF

Mail it to:
Saint Catherine of Siena Parish
Attention – Accounting Office
1150 West Centre Avenue
Portage, MI 49024 

What if I need to stop the ACH?
Simply notify the Parish in writing (use the same address as above) and specify the date on which you want the automatic deposit of your offering to stop.

Is there a cost to do this or to set this up?
No. The Parish arranges for this through its financial institution at no additional cost. You will NOT be charged for this service.

What if I change financial institutions or I discontinue my checking account?
You notify the Parish, in writing, of the date on which you wish to stop the ACH. If you want to continue with your new bank or credit union, you simply complete a new form.