If you would like to learn more about our brothers and sisters in El Sitio, El Salvador and/or how you can get more involved, check out this great new website:


La Directiva: This is a committee made up of St. Catherine’s parishioners that meets quarterly to organize projects and better the future of El Sitio. We would love fresh perspectives and interest! If you are interested in becoming a part of the Directiva, or would like more information, contact Mary Hunt at mhunt@stcatherinesiena.org.

Operation Education: All of the approximately 120 students attending kindergarten through high school in El Sitio depend on us, their Sister Parish, to sponsor his or her education. Our annual fund drive, Operation Education, makes education a reality for these children and teens.

Hand-in-Hand: This is a wonderful way to form a bond with a family in our sister parish! Each time a delegation from St. Catherine’s is about to visit El Sitio, you will receive a reminder to write a letter to your specific, paired family. In it, you can tell about your own family and provide pictures. Don’t worry; letters can be translated if you don’t speak Spanish. By writing just twice a year, you can make a big difference in helping to maintain the relationship of family that we’ve built with the people of El Sitio. Since delegations only get to visit twice per year, these letters mean so much to our brothers and sisters so far away.  If you or your family is interested, please contact Mary Hunt, mhunt@stcatherinesiena.org. Medicines: All luggage checked by each delegation that visits El Sitio is to provide human aide, much in the form of over-the-counter medicines. If you have access to such items as pain relievers, allergy and cold medicines, fiber laxatives, etc. drop them off anytime in the church office.

Summer Delegation: This life-changing experience is open to interested adults ages 19 and up. Costs will be airfare plus food and lodging for a week. We spend most of the time living with families in El Sitio, praying and reflecting and building community, followed by a short stay at the nearby Peace Center in Suchitoto, with visits to important and holy places in the capital of San Salvador. The trip is usually during the month of June. If you are interested and would like an application or more information, contact Mary Hunt at 269-978-2338 or mhunt@stcatherinesiena.org.

Fall Delegation: A delegation from St. Catherine’s will depart early each November for one week to visit with our brothers and sisters in El Sitio. This is open to adults of all ages. Costs will be airfare plus food and lodging for a week.