St. Catherine of Siena Church offers a variety of services to help families as the face the death of a loved one.

A Funeral Planning Worksheet may be downloaded and printed here, picked up in the Church office or from the Care and Support office, or in the Narthex in the large wall rack. Our packet is in the upper right hand corner of the rack.

A team of music ministers—choir, accompanist and cantors-are available to serve at the funeral liturgies. Our Interim Music Director is John Griffin, 269-327-5165 x156 or

It is customary with churches and synagogues that a stipend is offered to both the accompanist and cantor. A typical offering is $100-$125.

After the funeral: A packet of Bereavement Information and services is given to each family after the funeral. This packet includes information about support groups in the area and other reading material that may be of comfort.

Near the feast of All Souls, which is November 2, St. Catherine’s hosts an Evening of Prayer and Remembrance for all who have lost loved ones. Those families who have a loved one from our parish who has died within the past year are invited to this liturgy. Other family members may be invited at your request.