Our classes for second grade through fifth grade are offered on Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm. We also offer a first grade session during this time for those families that would like to bring their children to mass instead of the Sunday morning class option. We use the “Faith First” curriculum for grades one through five. Classes begin the end of September and continue through May. Our classes meet our diocesan requirements including prayer focuses for specific grade levels, benchmark testing, and curriculum requirements. We also teach a lesson each year about “Protecting God’s Children” and discuss different scenarios with the students about making safe choices.

For more information about elementary classes contact Leanne Phelan at 269-327-0861 ext 115 or lphelan@stcatherinesiena.org.

We need approximately 30 adults to make this program a success! If you would like more information about how you can help, or if you are interested in teaching a class please see the “catechist interest form”.

Looking for something fun for the rest of the family to do while your student is attending Wednesday night classes? Check out our Mid Week Family Fuel program!  There is something for everyone.  Come join the fun, fellowship, and food!  For more information about the “Midweek Family Fuel” program check out the Family Ministry section of our web-site or contact Nicky Aiello at 269-978-2331 or naiello@stcatherinesiena.org.

Looking for a way to have your child continue to live out the Word? Check out the Holy Guardian program for third through fifth graders! Holy Guardians meet monthly on Sunday afternoons and several other times per year for social outings. For more information about Holy Guardians please contact Nicky Aiello at 269-327-5165 ext 134 or email at naiello@stcatherinesiena.org.