Holy Communion is the first opportunity for our children to receive our Blessed Lord, substantially present in the Holy Eucharist. Students typically receive their First Holy Communion during second grade, but we also welcome older children that have not yet received their First Holy Communion.

Preparation is a two-year commitment and includes; class participation, reconciliation, parent meetings, attendance at Mass, completion of First Communion books and practice time. A student must attend one year of classes here at St Catherine’s prior to the year they will be celebrating a sacrament. The first year of class participation is considered “Level I Sacramental Prep.” The second consecutive year of class participation involves more detailed sacramental preparation. This is referred to as “Level II Sacramental Prep.”

The traditional grade level for a student to celebrate First Communion is second grade so he/she would need to be enrolled and attend classes in first grade. We also welcome students of other grade levels (older than second grade) that have not celebrated First Communion. Students in second grade that have not attended first grade classes will be enrolled in a “Level I First Communion Prep class” using the Faith First 1 book. Students older than second grade that are attending classes for the first time will use the book that is assigned to their grade level. Some first and second graders may be in a combined grade level class.

The reason that we require a two consecutive year program is because celebrating a sacrament should involve becoming familiar and comfortable with our parish community. Class participation is an important part of our program. Students that attend our classes have the opportunity to meet peers and share their faith, work in small groups, become familiar with our facility, and take class visits to the church. They will also experience opportunities to meet our priests, develop relationships with catechists, learn how they can become involved volunteering at the church, and enjoy the benefits of a structured classroom setting.

Please contact Janet Ingersoll at 269-327-0861 or jingersoll@stcatherinesiena.org for more information about First Communion.